Best Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

Anal sex is gaining popularity nowadays in the sex world. Blonde escorts and even females have started giving preference to anal sex apart from gay couples.

According to top escorts, anal sex is not the same as simple heterosexual sex, there are different rules for this and there are very few people who have proper knowledge about anal sex.

redhead escort recommend some tips for beginners to have proper anal sex. These tips will help beginners to have anal sex properly.

Anal sex tips for beginners

  • Train your anal muscles:-Escorts are professionals in the field of sex and they recommend that before having anal sex you should train your anal muscles for penetration as there is no flexibility or stretching capabilities in those muscles. Train your or your partner’s anal muscles by small and slim insertions and gradually increase the size.
  • Make space comfortable:- anal sex involve poop and other messy substances, thus top escorts in las vegas recommend making a comfortable space available to have anal sex without any issues.
  • Avoid numbing agents:- anal area does not have receptors thus you do not need numbing agents for erection delay.
  • Use anal foreplay and fingers first:- it is recommended by escorts,  to use foreplay and fingering using condoms in anal to get arousal.

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