How to be healthy and safe with a prostitute or Craigslist escorts?

Craigslist escorts provide a professional service for companionship and sex, and as they are highly experienced they use their own protection methods but it is recommended you should also make sure to be healthy and safe with a prostitute or craigslist escort.

Being healthy and safe with an escort or prostitute is very important as you do not know what condition does she have medically and sexually.

Following these tips, you can maintain a healthy and safe sexual relation with a prostitute or escort.


Tips for being healthy and safe with Craigslist Escorts and Prostitutes


  • Always hire escorts from verified agencies:- Verified escort agencies have reputation and goodwill and their escort agents maintain proper health and sexual care of their body and genitals. Hiring an escort or prostitute from a verified legal agency will guarantee you safer sex.


  • Get a background check on an escort for any incident history:- Like escorts do a background check, you can also do a background check of their medical history and any incidence of STI transfer to any previous client.


  • Use proper protection:- Use extra stro There are various points to keep in mind while having sex with an condoms that have a solid structure, 80% of sexually transmitted diseases occur due to faulty or use of no protection during sex. Thus use proper protection during sex whether it is your first time or 100th.


  • Keep an extra condoms and dental dams handy:- It is recommended to keep extra pair of dental dams and condoms handy and always change your condom when moving from vagina to mouth or anus. Use proper dental dams during oral sex to reduce the transfer of sexually transmitted infections.


  • Look for signs of any problem:- Disease do not always look on the body, there are several sexually transmitted diseases that show very few non-visible symptoms, thus always look closely before going into something like penetration or oral.

have sex regularly or occasionally, you should get a regular checkup for sexually transmitted diseases and take regular vaccines for prevention of HPV and other infections.


Following these tips will help you in being safe with prostitutes and craigslist escorts.